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volcanic trail running


Situation : Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa* (Olot)

Trail running route

  • Distance: 15 km, acumulated 2024 m, 1047+, 977- 
  • Soft ground
  • Dense vegetation
  • Provissioning; 

    4 complete Supplies 

    Km 0, 7.5,12.5,18

Trekking route

  • 'La Fageda' Forest - 'Santa Margarida' volcanoe
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Provissioning km 0 and bus.


  • Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa
  • Santa Pau village

* Measures must be taken to protect the environment.


Trail running description route

The route begins by entering in the beautiful forest 'la Fageda', an exuberant forest. Its land is very fertile because it  comes from an old lava flow from a nearby volcano. Walking on a  very soft diversity of plants we will start the first kilometers without too much slope.

volcanoes route group 16

volcanoes route group 16 3

We will start climbing a few slopes that mark the geological edges of the volcanic area. The runners will make some workouts and small stretches for warming up their legs. We will descend these mountains to go to the volcano Santa Margarida, undoubtedly one of the best preserved volcanoes in Europe. After climbing,  what was once a hell of lava and volcanic rocks, we will reach the edge of the crater and descend  to the bottom of the volcano. There we will find a small romanic hermitage.

La Fageda

We will climb the inner edge of the crater to get down to a small stretch of cement road that leads to the picturesque medieval town of Santa Pau. There crossing a nice bridge, we will make a good climb up ancient stairs (situated inside the medieval area with many views), we will  return through all the town to finish into a beautiful square were we will wait for the support vehicle. Afterwards, we will leave the hillside of the volcano Santa Margarida where the trekking group will be waiting for us. The bus will take us to some magnificent swimming facilities in Olot. After taking  a shower and changing clothes we will eat at a nice restaurant in Olot.

volcanoes route group 16 2


Elevation profile

volcanoes profile

Trail route photos

  • volcanoes0
  • volcanoes1
  • volcanoes10
  • volcanoes11
  • volcanoes12
  • volcanoes13
  • volcanoes14
  • volcanoes15
  • volcanoes16
  • volcanoes17
  • volcanoes18
  • volcanoes2
  • volcanoes3
  • volcanoes31
  • volcanoes4
  • volcanoes41
  • volcanoes5
  • volcanoes51
  • volcanoes6
  • volcanoes7
  • volcanoes71
  • volcanoes8
  • volcanoes9
  • Photo2-1
  • Photo2-10
  • Photo2-11
  • Photo2-12
  • Photo2-13
  • Photo2-14
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  • Photo2-23
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  • Photo2-3
  • Photo2-4
  • Photo2-5
  • Photo2-6
  • Photo2-7
  • Photo2-8
  • Photo2-9
  • photo2-26
  • photo2-27

santa pau
besalu village




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